Re:do/ Joseph Lee/ KT Yau

Choreographer: Joseph Lee, KT Yau

Re: do/ Joseph Lee/ KT Yau gathered two local young choreographers’ solo work, Folding Echoes by Joseph Lee and Remain Invisible by KT Yau, as the focus of this re-staging project.

22-24 April 2017

Fringe Underground, Hong Kong Fringe Club


Project details

Folding Echoes

Choreographer: Joseph Lee

It is a solo dance piece exploring the way contemporary dance performance being seen, interpreted and comprehended, especially in a theatre  setting in modern  society. It is originated from audiences’ urge to “understand” a contemporary dance performance in general across cultures, and the way that they connect the performance with their own experience, and the possibilities for a language  to convey or interrupt the meanings of movements and dance.     


Remain Invisible

Choreographer: KT Yau

Dancers do not always have to show their bodies so openly. Do not talk about body nor theory, empty your mind, just come to feel my body's existence under your gaze. Where there are people, there are threats. Every pair of eyes are judging.


From Formation

Choreographer: Joseph Lee, KT Yau

It is a duet newly choreographed in exchange of two choreographers' thoughts, experiences and interests along with the two re-staging works. It provides a way to share and develop the past works with new perspectives.


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